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Triad Clinical Trials is proud to serve our community by offering clinical studies to potentially improve a patient’s quality of life, and help pharmaceuticals establish safe and reliable products to bring to market.  We invite you to participate with us in advancing Modern Medicine.

Our staff is skilled, friendly and most of all, caring.  We do our best to make each appointment a pleasurable experience.

Patient Benefits

Participants may receive physical exams, lab work, medication and related tests at no cost.  You may also be reimbursed for your time and travel expenses.

Clinical Research

All prescription medication has to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  Clinical Trials give them the data they need to reach a decision.  We take a new or current drug and administer it to qualified applicants to test its effectiveness.  The results of each study are given to the FDA for consideration.

Clinical Research is also done using drugs already in the marketplace.  This way we can determine if they are still relevant to medicine.

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